When The Bomb Squad Is Called To Test A Package

package testing

The bomb squad is a familiar but rare sight, if that makes any sense to you. Maybe you have been watching one too many cop or hostage dramas on TV late at night. Because fortunately, the incidents that require the urgent presence of the bomb squad is not all that regular. Could this have something to do with the fact that all and sundry responsible businesses are package testing their products and materials in the correct manner as dictated to all in their related industries via industry standards set and, of course, government agencies which, of course, will also include your law enforcement agencies.

Your valiant bomb squad falls under this latter category. Why are they familiar then? The uniform perhaps? Could be. They are usually the real men in black. And they never work alone. They keep good company. And that company is generally referred to as man’s best friend. He is a specially trained canine otherwise known as the sniffer dog. He’s the big guy you often (or is it rare?) see prowling his way through the luggage department sniffing out for bombs or illicit drugs. How the heck does a dog know it’s a bomb? Now is not the time to ask questions. Just know that the dog is doing his duty by you.

Bomb squad experts will be wearing the most formidable and imposing looking protection gear in the world. Their helmets are thick. It’s like the ones that everyone on motor cycles should be wearing at all times. And there is a bomb proof but transparent visor shielding their faces and eyes. And like all the other law enforcement agencies are required to wear Kevlar shields, these guys are wearing something even thicker.