Orthopedic Work Improved With Stem Cell Treatment

The treatment of the knees forms part of the medical specialization known as orthopedic work. So, this short online explanation uses treatment of the knees as an introduction, a brief one at that, to what could very well be a unique practice.

First and foremost, there is the orthopedic rejuvenation treatment saint augustine fl clinic. After the medical specialist has diagnosed the patient’s medical history and carried out the requisite tests around the knee area, he could be introducing the patient to what is known as stem cell therapy.

This entails the lifting of a small graft of skin from the patient’s own body. It is an alternative, and some would say, far more effective form of (holistic) therapy that surpasses the riskiness of conventional surgical procedures and the exuberant use of prescribed medication with all of its usual side effects other than reducing the excruciating pain the patient might be going through.

orthopedic rejuvenation treatment saint augustine fl

The specialist’s diagnosis locates exactly the onset and severity of the associated pain. The knee will be evaluated from a number of different positions. The specialist practitioner will be checking for all the telltale signs of redness and swelling, as well as actual injury. Diagnostic tests also require the added input of X-rays, MRI or CT scans, primarily to detect possible fractures, or worse, dislocations.

Knee pain in a typically sedentary but mature patient could also be a sign of arthritis. The abovementioned tests can identify this.  But knee ligament tears are usually common among sportsmen and women and physically active men and women, as well as over-exuberant young boys and girls, no matter how agile and lithe they may be. Finally, the extent of the proposed stem cell therapy will be influenced by the severity of the knees’ injuries.