Calling all Nurses!

Every hospital is fully functional and open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week thanks to the hardworking and dedicated hospital staff. Although doctors get a lot of attention and credit for much of the work in the hospital, it is actually nurses that do most of the patient care and interactions. At times, a hospital or clinic can be low on manpower due to high patient demand.

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The job of a nurse is found at the center of optimal patient care. Nurses are tasked to not only assist doctors, but constantly monitor several patients under them, give medications and meals to patients in a timely manner, physically move and transfer patients from one place to another, and the like.

While nurses are often imagined only in the context of the hospital setting, nurses that are assigned to a patient’s home to provide home care are just as important. Home care is unique in that instead of a patient going to the hospital and staying in a bed, patients can have access to proper health care and assistance at the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Contrary to stereotypes and traditional gender roles in society, both men and women make excellent nurses. Gender is not a major factor as to whether or not a person is a good nurse, as both sexes have their inherent, unique qualities. Some of the personal qualities that can determine if someone is a good nurse or not are:

·    Being highly emphatic

·    Having the passion to serve others

·    Having good physical conditioning

Nurses on-call Oak Park IL

·    Being clinically competent

·    Being a team player

·    Being a good leader and manager

·    Having good stress-management skills